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Kerr Cultural Center 2020

Arizona State University

Client Kerr Cultural Center, Arizona State University in association with Stella Saperstein |  VR 360 3-D Video

Commemoration of Stella Saperstein's 37th Piano Studio Recital at the Kerr Cultural Center, Arizona State University, in Scottsdale, Arizona. This was produced the first weekend of the COVID-19 announcement in the United States.


Performances by Andrew Conomos... Sonata, op.2 no.1, 4th movement, Beethoven

Austin Lewis... Impromptu, op.90 no.2 in Bb, Schubert

Tommy Conomos... Rondo, "Rage Over a Lost Penny", Beethoven

This video can be played in VR or in 360 on your screen. Use your mouse to click and drag the image to the angle of your choice. Adjust your player settings to watch this presentation in full HD quality.


To watch this video in full depth of field virtual reality, open this page in your headset now.

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